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August 04, 2006

(Before) Angora & Ribbon Scarf

(Before) Angora & Ribbon Scraf
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Things are too crazy. My desk at work is approaching Josh proportions, and I've reached the point where a to-do-list, usually my saving grace and a calming influence, just makes me want to curl up under my desk and stay there. The house is a mess, laundry (both clean and dirty) has taken over our bedroom, and basement, and living room. And this weekend is packed (with all sorts of fun stuff). So, in order to calm the chaos of my mind, I need to finish something instead of having half-assed, half-done projects all around. Therefore, I shall knit (and finish, dang-gump) a scarf project. Cute little, thankfully on sale ('cause its angora), should be able to do in a weekend scarf. That will make me feel better. Now does finishing include actually attaching the fringe??? We'll just have to see how the scarf is looking Sunday night . . .


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