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August 19, 2006

Ack, almost a week!!

Lots of shout outs today (albeit a few days late):
Happy Birthday Dad!!
Happy Anniversary Kevin and Chrissie!
Happy upcoming birthday to my brother Kevin!

I am still working off a red wine headache from our dinner last night at Pata Negra - very yummy tapas place and good wine, I just can't seem to take the tanins anymore. Topped off with a trip to Amnesia Brewing Co on Mississippi, it was quite a night. Josh's mom is visiting with Daryl and Di, and we're headed off to Saturday Market and some wine tasting (note to self, avoid the reds) later today. Given I was not sure I'd survive this week at work (depos, depos and more depos), and Josh had some awful cold for most of it, this weekend's shaping up nicely!

There might even be some "Snakes on a Plane" viewing later. . . Now if we could only find the Evolution DVD as I've been jonesing to watch it for the past 3 weeks, I'd be set!


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