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March 06, 2007

100th post

Wow!! Can't believe it - it must be some sort of milestone. I've been lazy about uploading photos lately - the ones from Christmas are still on the cameras. One more thing to add to the to-do list.

Spring is definitely in the air here, short lived as it may be. It hit 60 today and it was beautiful and sunny. We cooked out for the first time this year and I can't wait for the time change so its light out even later!

This year my resolution is coming to me a bit late, but in trying to clean out the spare spare bedroom/craft room/storage room, it is ABUNDANTLY clear that a) I should have my head examined, closely; b) that I have a lot of crap; and c) I have absolutely no need to by either fabric or ribbon any time soon. It's more than a bit scary. Next thing you know, I will be found dead lying among piles and piles of newspaper clippings . . . .

So, the resolution is to try and use up a good portion of what I have. Alas, this shall likely cut down on the Michael's and Joanne's runs, and may be short lived, but for right now it feels good to use up what I've got (and there's a lot to use). Now if I would only get off my arse and make some cards (we kinda skipped the major holidays - maybe Memorial Day cards . . . ).

If nothing else, weeding thru the carnage of craft inspires me to generously donate to Scrap Action, a very cool place. I might have to let myself buy some crafty items from them . . . its for a good cause!!


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