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April 16, 2007

First one ear,

and now, for the love of Ch@#$t, now the other one is starting to feel blocked up. All was fine, save the lack of hearing on the left, today til I went to the doctor. Bad idea, more crying and something out of Star Trek: Wrath of Khan being pulled from my ear later, now both ears hurt. Josh said he's going to have me put into a medically induced coma if the pain comes back and I've signed the living will to prove it. I can see how you could be in therapy for life if your parents ignored your ear infections. Having never had them, other than the run-of-the-mill swimmer's ear, in two words let me sum up: THEY SUCK. Let's just hope they invent a way for me to be put completely under for childbirth or it hurts less than the ear infection. There's not enough vicodin at urgent cares or ERs in the greater metropolitan area. Did I mention that the pain SUCKED.


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