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July 21, 2007

The Deathly Hallows

Release parties at Border's/Barnes & Nobles, long lines, waiting til 1 or 2 am: not for me-at least not after seeing the 100 or so people in line!

Having the best hubby in the world, who after hanging with parents watching Man v Wild on discovery channel til midnight is willing to drive by Barnes & Nobles at Janzen Beach, observe said lines, then think to go to Safeway next door to see if they have copies (and they do, if you ask, no waiting and discounted with your Safeway card): PRICELESS!

I'll admit it, I was tempted to go to B&N and let those poor folks know about the Safeway stash.

So, I have the newest HP (I will not skip to the last page, I will not skip to the last page) with the UK version plus the audio version on their way. And I have the best hubby ever (who is also featured in this month's PC magazine - I'll have to find that link later!)

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