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June 04, 2008

Finished Crayon Rolls for the Girls

Crayon Roll
Originally uploaded by kckellner.

I love how these turned out, and it was so much making a rainbow with fabrics! The project was from Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts and I am hoping to use some of my left over rainbow stripping for another project, the Coin Quilt, from the same book--using the new sewing machine!

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October 01, 2007

Yikes, it's been a while

And so much - let's see, in just this last weekend alone, there was the NW quilting convention, the almost finishing of 2 (two!!) Halloween quilts which were started a gazillon years ago and needed to be finished before the starting of the newest Halloween quilts, followed by TeaZone with Chrissie (OMG - the world's BEST scones), Stumptown Comics convention with Josh (and the purchasing of the most cutest viking rabbit sculpture ever, I swear, it's really cute, plus a visit to the Bridge City Comics both, of course!). Then the parents came over to view the floors, watched some more football, did some more quilting. Oh yeah, and I forgot - a trip to the best fish & chips place, Halibut's on Saturday night and a quick drive by of the Polish festival on Saturday.

Boy, I was tired today and work just bit. It's the start of the dreaded review time and today's fun event was the turning in of the annual I-am-so-awesome-I must-put-it-in-memo-form-for-all-to-ready BS self-evaluation. In case you can't tell, I think the process is bunk because, well, it is. Nuf said.

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