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June 05, 2008

Happy Birthday, Erica!!!

First cake in the new oven
Originally uploaded by kckellner.

If you were here, you could have had your very own cake cooked in our nice new oven!! And a big kiss from Melo. And a trip to a yarn store, maybe 2 if you're good. But now you'll just have to wait until the fall when you better be coming to visit! So, enjoy your birthday (officially the 6th, but it is the 6th your time as of this posting) and know I miss you tons!


Blogger erica said...

That cake looks gorgeous!!! Yum...I can taste it, it looks so good. Oh, wait, that's the frozen dark chocolate snickers that I allowed myself to have as a post-birthday-lunch treat! It was yummy, too.

Happy birthday to you, too!

11:07 AM


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