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June 19, 2008

01_Tiare_Moorea_Tahaa_Raitea_Huahine (1)

01_Tiare_Moorea_Tahaa_Raitea_Huahine (1)
Originally uploaded by kckellner.

Holy moly - we actually *sold* this picture for commercial use today via Flickr. It is so cool - someone looking on Flickr for pictures contacted us about arranging for rights to use the picture on a product. We're not sure what the product is (it can't be disclosed yet because it is still in production, but it seems to be in the soap line), but we're going to be sent product samples and a contract arranging for use. Given the type of use (packaging) there won't be credit on the product itself, but if asked they will!! Kudos to Josh for the negotiations (I would have let them use it for free). We're not precisely sure who took this photo, but I might have taken the lucky shot since it was on the Sony (and I have a thing about taking flower pictures). So WOO HOO to photo team Rosenbaum - we're turning pro. Does this mean I get to deduct the cost of a new camera?


Blogger erica said...

How awesome is that? I'm very impressed, Rosenbaums! And to answer your last post...I do like the new color scheme (meant to say that yesterday in my comment). But this morning the columns aren't lining up correctly...the Melo picture and everything on the right is still on the right...but only at the bottom of the screne. Maybe it's just me, but I thought I'd mention it.

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