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June 13, 2008

Friday the 13 ain't that bad

because it's still Friday!! And I got to catch up on former office gossip, eat really yummy cheese and pomegranate cosmos at my Jenn's cool downtown high rise. It has the most awesome view of the river and downtown, and would be the most excellent place for watching downtown fireworks. It made me realize that this will be the first year going downtown to watch the work from my former office building isn't a possibility, but like last year, we have way more fun watching (and setting them off) at home. Plus, we're planning a big BBQ aka like last year (Chrissie - you better still plan on coming - Josh is already buying more fireworks. . . for the girls of course!) I'll have to check out Martha Stewart for some crafty decorating ideas to hide the still hideous front porch - I can't wait for fall when we have a hopefully new beautiful place to decorate!



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