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June 18, 2008

Like the new look?

I was getting a bit overwhelmed by the purple combo, so thought I'd go for a more soothing combo. We're currently debating the merits of moving over to Wordpress, but aside from some recent publishing difficulties, I do like blogger. HTML is a bit of a pain, and I'd have a slightly layout if I could figure out how.

And to go along with the new look, we now have another game system: The Wii!!! I m super excited. We've not hooked it up yet but they have an Arctic Tale game (where you get to play a big polar bear or a baby polar bear), so how cool is that? Actually, what tipped the scales for us was the Wii Fit. It is SO cool - and might actually make exercise more fun, or I should say, less sucky. We're not quite ready to buy it on Amazon (where it is in stock, but $100 over retail), so we're scouring the local Targets and Best Buys. Josh was the serious shopping stud tracking down the Wii itself only a day after we decided to take the plunge into a new gaming system. Get ready for some action shots soon!!

UPDATE: Josh is a super-duper shopping stud and a sweetie since he bought the Arctic Tale game home as a suprise - thanks sweetie!


Blogger erica said...

I wanna play too! I've heard good things about Wii Fit from a friend who's tried it. Enjoy!

7:18 AM


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