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July 11, 2008

The Police!!

The Police
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In the first concert of their US tour at Clark County Amphitheatre!!! It was a great concert - and we even made it for the 2 hits we knew by the opening act, Elvis Costello. I'm not so sure about Sting's new beard, but he and the Police are still great in concert! And we ran into Paul, one of the former partners at my old firm (and big Costello fan) - and were sitting in the row in front of him. Seems Portland and Vancouver are part of the same small world. Now it's up to Seattle to see Eddie Izzard - my sides hurt in anticipation of LMAO!!


Blogger erica said...

Dude! I'm sooooo jealous! Love the Police. Like Elvis Costello. So jealous.

8:53 AM


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