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June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh!

B-Day Wishes from Jack and Tori
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this great pic was technically for my birthday, but the sentiment is the same!

Not many people get Happy Birthday sung to them with an accompanying tap dance, but Josh is just that special so thanks Leina and Kevin!! Let's see, we started with Starbucks in the morning, lunch at Casba's, then down to the McLaughlins' for Busters and yummy cake (and the tap dancing birthday song). Josh says a BIG thank you for all the wonderful goodies from everyone too - we are both so fortunate to have some of the best and most thoughtful people in the world for friends!

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June 12, 2008

I love my webkinz

and I have apparently regressed to being a 4th grader, but the games are fun! I have two supercute polar bear webkinzs, one from the McLaughlins and one from the Rushers (both families seem to know of my love for polar bears!) Thanks you guys - I now have another way to fritter away time on the internets!!

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June 09, 2008

The Justice League - Justice Almost Prevailed

Rose Festival - PDX - 6/8/08
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We got to the finals . . . but didn't get any bling. We raced hard and overall we were super excited to make it to the finals at all. So, better luck and paddling for us all next year.

While we didn't get any medals, I did get a load of great birthday presents. From my mom, dad and Mickey, I got gift certificates for Joann's (always a fav) and Kmart (for some new kitchen duds to go with the fridge and stove). From the Rushers, some of the best cards ever and polar bear magnets and stuffy. From Gail, I got a beautiful framed fabric art piece and some gorgeous sea foam green pearl earrings. From Ted, the super cool stove top latte maker - I can't wait to try it!! Thanks everybody!

And from Josh and Melo, a pair of real roller skates which I can't wait to try out, a tiny(tm) serger, and my several of my wish list books off Amazon -- on top of my awesome sewing machine! Thanks, sweetie!

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