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April 26, 2009

A night out

I'm a bit surprised to be up and functioning so clearly - it was a very fun girls only (Josh is under the weather) night out. We had planned to go see roller derby, but I spaced and didn't get tickets in time so we instead wound up at Lupa (excellent wine bar in NoPo on Mississippi), then went to the Billie Holiday Tribute for Siren Nation at Mississippi Studios (live music, when good, really rocks - and these ladies rocked), and then to Moloko Plus (amazing cocktails, great DJ and yummy vittles). Moloko Plus has been around a while, but new to us since it doesn't look like much from the outside. It's like one of those rocks with the crystals inside 'cause it is very cool - house infused liquors fill giant vases around the all white interior, and there is an authentic atari gaming system you can play while just chillin' out! Erica - I found a whole new bit of stuff for us to do on your next visit - start planning now!!!



Blogger erica said...

Trust me, I am! I'm so totally "homesick" for my home away from home.

7:04 AM


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