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September 01, 2008

How pesto is made at the Rosenbaum house

Basil Garden

Then, the basil is gathered and washed.

Pesto in progress

And finally, with the assistance of a new mini-chopper, some pine nuts, olive oil, parmesean cheese, and salt and pepper. . . pesto for our dinner with Jeff & Melanie plus two jars of pesto for the freezer. YUM!


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Blogger erica said...

Yummo! Dang, I wish I could grow herbs like you do in the PacNW. My one solitary basil plant is very happy and healthy, allowing for wonderful caprese salads this time of year, but my other herbs have wilted. Maybe it's not the weather...maybe it's the gardener. Hmmm...

11:36 AM


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