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January 07, 2008

The First Day

Yep - I love my new job. Yes, yes, it is the honeymoon period and all, and the most stressful thing I did today was figure out how to fill out my benefit forms, but I love it. I left at 5:03, and I was the last one there (because I was still filling out the aforementioned benefit forms. Also, I discovered that in addition to a view of the river and the steel bridge, I also am right by the building where one of the news copters lands, which is pretty dang cool close up. I'm still a bit nervous about when I actually have to do work, since I hope I can figure out how to do something not billable in 6-minute increments! While I do miss the folks over at the old job (who very very graciously sent me a huge bouquet of flowers), but I am--in the words of a college dormmate--very super excited.


Blogger erica said...

Hot damn!!! Told you so! I'm so glad to hear that the first day was great. And I know that the other days will mostly be great, too. Now, call me so we can catch up a little bit...I want the scoop,.

7:44 AM


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