Friday, March 25, 2005

Political observation - Josh's New Deal

I'm just astounded by what's going on in our government these days and am more sure than ever that what this country needs is a benevolent dictator for 8 years. I will happily step into that role and will easily hand power back to the 3 branches of government at the end of that time. I have far reaching programs that need 8 years to flourish and become established, so without further ado, let the proclimations of Joshland commence:

1. Public works. I propose to bring back the public works projects similar to what Roosevelt did in the 30s. My public works projects would include: A. Dismanteling most hydroelectric dams in the US. B. Create Wind and Solar farms from North Dakota, down through New Mexico. C. Create a Mag-lev transit system from coast to coast, border to border.
1a. Nuclear power plants will be revitalized, and the nuclear byproducts produced will be rendered inert by the now cumbersome and inefficient system of radioactive depletion. However the more we use this emerging technology the more efficient it will become.
1b. We will rejoin the world in the Tokomak fusion project and live up to our end of the bargin that Reagan signed off on in the 80s.
1c. NASA will get significant funding for a permanent research base on the moon, vast array orbital telescopes and perhaps a manned mission to Mars.

2. A reduced military budget. taking 10% off the top of the military should be enough to fund all my projects. Our military's goals will be DEFENSIVE only. We will become a second strike nation. Only if someone strikes us first will we retaliate. We will defend ourselves to the death at the limits of our own borders.
2a. Our current and future armed forces will work close with the UN.

3. Significant Prison reform. Prisons will become real places of rehabilitiation and not just storehouses for humanity. Real skills will be taught, real psychiatric help will be availible. Real followthrough will be attained.
3a. The use of "Chain gangs" will be implimented again to help construct the public works projects and other civic projects.

4. Significant School reform. With the money saved from defense spending I will pump it back into the public school system giving them the money, and the wherewithall to truly teach our children without worring about over crowding or lack of resources. And destroying the stigma of being kept behind a year or two. Children will understand the curiculum before they are passed on to the next level.
4a. Significant funding for Secondary education be it College, trade school, or what have you.
4b. Civics will be taught starting in Kindergarten. The curiculum will be approved by Senator Byrd.
4c. The length of the school day will be restablished and presumiably most of summer break will be replaced by more frequent, but smaller vacations.

5. Tax Reform. A graduated flat tax where your percentage of payment increases with income. Abolishing most corproate tax loopholes. I will get Warren Buffet to help me on this one.

6. Mandatory Civic service for all 18 year olds. One year Manditory service is not limited to the armed forces but will include: Americorps, PeaceCorps, Jobcorps, National Guard, Coast Guard, and many more. etc. etc. etc.

7. Create strong ties with the U.N. to work with them and eradicate corruption in that institution. With the U.N. we can then wipe out poverty in our country as well as others. Eliminate genocide in fair and even handed ways. Making the U.N. a truly global dispute resolution forum.

8. Resource sensitive industries will be given incentives for environmental change. I.e. Lightbulb manufactuers will be encouraged to only produce compact flourescent. Plastic producing companies will be encouraged to use environmental "Citrus" plastics as opposed to petrolium based plastics. Paper companies will be encouraged to find other resources such as cotton or bamboo.

9. There will be a true division of Church and state. In god we trust will be taken off currency and Under god will be taken out of the pledge of allegiance. The founding fathers wanted freedom of religion for worshiping alternate Christian beliefs. Those views have needed to change over time. America will welcome all religious beliefs but absolutely will not endorse any.
9a. Civil unions will be granted to all above the age of 18: M/F, M/M, F/F. "Marriage" will be a religious institution that will be afforded by a couple's church but will not be recognized by the state.

10. Gun control. Hunting licenses must be issued at the time of gun purchase. Rifles and "resonable" (reasonible as defined by me) guns will be availible to hunters and collectors. However, responsibility of any crimes committed with that gun will come back to the gun owner and perpetrator of the crime. There will be a 3 month no exemption waiting period for all gun purchases.

11. Lawsuit reform. We will adopt the British model in that the prevailing party will also win Attorneys fees. This should have a significant chilling effect on baseless or "fee less" claims.

These are my basic 11 tentets. Although as your new benevolent dictator I reserve the right to create more programs that benefit all Americans, not just a select few.



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